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I will try

to fix you

Shattered Time
Unrequited Love or something like it

Hate is a red red rose
so glamorous, yet ever so forlorn
subtlely welcome, yet never,
ever, fully welcomed in
mimicked but never duplicated
a flickering shadow of love

Love is the crushed ashy soul
sold to the devil
beckoning, beckoning
an albatross of life,
an unseen beacon of
pure cold fate
Fate is the mother of all emotions
a willow, Her arms flailing
allowing life's entire course
to be changed with a
flick of her fingers,
looming heartaches, altered friendships

Friendship is an ashy rose
crushed and tarnished leaves
of a willow tree, beckoning,
welcoming, allowing your life
to ruin your love, your hatred,
every fiber of your torn, ignorant Being